Solar Heated Thermometric Generator And Its Working Efficiency

There are two main sources for the production of electricity. It includes fossil fuels and renewable energy resources. Fossil fuels are commonly used for 67 % generation of electricity according to Energy Information administration report 2012. Fossil fuels have limitations; they are harmful to environment and will come to end one day. We need to find some other ways to make our survival possible.
Renewable energy resources are abundant on this earth and long lasting as compared to the conventional energy resources.
Devices that convert temperature difference into electric power are termed as thermoelectric generators. One side of TEG is kept hotter and other side is kept cooler, which yields into electricity.
This project aims to study this material in details to generate electricity from this latest technology. This project is inexpensive and efficient as compared to initial stages of other renewable energy resources.
Sunlight is the biggest sources of renewable energy and we have abundant sunlight falling on this earth, almost 20 PW daily. Most of this sunlight energy is wasted. We can utilize this waste energy for the generation of electricity to make it useful.

There are various ways to generate electricity.

Usually the power is generated at power plants

through which this is transmitted to consumers

for use. We have 2 major sources to generate electricity. They are
1. Fossil Fuels 2. Renewable energy resources
At first the energy demands were fulfilled by using hydroelectric power generation plants. With the passage of time the energy requirements increased, so it became necessary to use fossil fuels for the power generation purposes to fulfill the electricity requirements. The dependence on these fossil fuels for electricity generation purposes increased with respect to time.

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) US, it is reported that in 1980,the world depend upon on fossil fuels for their 74 % electric power requirements as shown in figure 1.1 and figure 1.2 Respectively. However realizing the fact that the fossil fuels will be limited one day, the world started to generate electricity through various other renewable energy resources. In 2012 the electricity dependence of overall world on fossil fuel decreased to 67%.Though it is not reduced too much, it indicates that we are shifting our energy requirements to be fulfilled by renewable energy resourcesEuropean countries made a huge research on

this issue and they started to relay on renewable

energies. Through the last 35 years they have shifted

their trends from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

A considerable reduction of dependence on fossil fuels for European nations can be seen in the graph

Theme of Project.

Thermoelectric generators are electricity production devices that convert the heat directly into electricity. This is done by a phenomenon known as “See beck Effect”. This is named after Thomas See beck who invented this phenomenon in 1821.
This phenomenon states that two dissimilar metals with having a temperature difference between them will produce some power. The voltage produces is directly proportional to difference in the temperature.
One side of TEG is kept cooler and other is hotter and thus we get the power as output. Thermoelectric generators are renewable form of energy and use the “see beck effect” to generate electricity. Sunlight is the biggest sources of renewable energy source and we have abundant sunlight falling on this Earth. Most of this sunlight energy is wasted. We can use this waste energy and utilize it for the generation of electricity. We can utilize this sunlight to focus it on the TEG hotter side. Hotter side of TEG module can be directly exposed to sunlight or we can use solar concentrator to concentrate sunlight and focus it on hotter side of TEG. Different devices can be used as solar concentrators like parabolic dishes, convex lenses, Concave mirror and solar troughs. We are looking forward to use lens for this purpose since it is transparent and will ease our structure of model. Cooler side can be cooled by running cold water through the pipes .As the temperature difference between the both sides of TEG increases the production and efficiency of the module increases


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