Ripasso SPC (Stirling Power Convertor) And Ripasso Parabolic Dish Working

 Designed for CSP application

 Power: 33kW at 2300rpm 

Solar to grid system efficiency is 32

 Stirling engine efficiency: >40%

 Maximum engine gas pressure: 200 bar

 Maximum sun receiver/heater temperature: 720°C

V-160 engine is a two cylinder kinematic Stirling engine. It has been underway for 17 years by Stirling power system Corporation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The two cylinders are arranged in a V- configuration. It has a total swept volume of 160 cm3. Helium is used as a working fluid. Maximum engine rating is 15KW at 3600RPM.

Ripasso Parabolic Dish Working

 12 meter diameter, total mirror area 104m2  Ripasso Parabolic Dish

 95% Spectral Reflectivity, ~100kW with 1 kW/m2

 Fully automated high accuracy tracking

 (tracking accuracy 0.1 mrad)

 workable up to 15 m/s wind speed

 Survival up to 45 m/s wind speed


Model 4-95 Mark II engine

4-95 Mark II Stirling engine uses hydrogen as a working fluid at a gas pressure of 2900psi.It has four cylinders with 95 cc displacement. It delivers 25kW output at 1000W/m2.

In our project we use alpha type Stirling engine. The alpha type Stirling engine consists of two power pistons, one in a hot cylinder and other in a cold cylinder separately, and the gas is driven between the two cylinders by the pistons. The hot cylinder is placed inside the high temperature heat exchanger and the cold cylinder is placed inside the low temperature heat exchanger. This type of engine has a high power-to-volume ratio but has practical problems due to the generally high temperature of the hot piston and the durability of its seals.

Helios power

This is a 50 MW plant to be deployed in Cyprus. It is a large-scale Stirling dish power plant with a total installed capacity of 50.76 MWe. The Stirling dish unit contains a cavity receiver that captures the concentrated solar irradiation from the parabolic reflector, a free-piston Stirling engine that changes the solar energy into electricity and a closed loop air-driven cooling system. The plant is expected to have 16920 Stirling dish units. The total area necessary for the Project is around 200 ha. High voltage power lines (132 kV), will be employed to connect the plant to the national grid.

It is a 75 MW plant in Greece. Helios power

It is a large-scale Stirling dish

power plant with a total installed

capacity of 75.3 MWe. The plant

contains 25160 Stirling dish units, each of which is 3 kW rated power output. The plant is composed of 37 small power plants that are connected to the grid via a single connection point. The Stirling dish unit contains a cavity receiver that receives the concentrated solar irradiation from the parabolic reflector, a free- piston Stirling engine that alters the solar energy into electrical energy and a closed loop air driven cooling system

Helios power It is an engine with a 2 v cylinder and uses helium as operating gas. The engine has two cylinders namely expansion and compression cylinders in which working gas is moved in a closed thermodynamics cylinder. Gas is isothermally compressed in a compression cylinder at low temperature level by cooling water then it is moved through regenerator to the expansion cylinder where it is heated to the 650”C. when it is heated it is then moved back through regenerator to the compression cylinder during isothermal expansion. By a burner the heater tubes are heated up to 700 “C. The working gas cooler is a small heat exchanger that is cooled by water. The regenerator is made up of compressed metal fabric screen and is used for thermal storage in a cycle. Helium is used as working gas that has good thermal and aerodynamic properties. The output performance can be adjusted by changing working gas pressure between 40 and 130 bars range.

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